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Utility & Energy Job Hazard Software

Arizona Public Service, Phoenix AZ

Servicing an entire state with JHA

Arizona Public Service (APS) is Arizona’s largest and longest-serving electric company, with the goal to create a sustainable energy future for Arizona. APS generates safe, affordable and reliable electricity for more than 1.2 million retail and residential customers in 11 of Arizona’s 15 counties.


APS operates almost 20 service centers across the entire state of Arizona spanning 20 to 50 square miles area per site. Each service center is managed by a three to five person team, with over 100 total crews within the state. These teams manage the operations and maintenance needs of Arizona utilities. .

"We needed to build a job hazard library in order to apply our rules and standard controls for the dangers we face each day."


APS needed to find a way for their 40 site supervisors of construction and transmission lines to maintain the highest level of safety across the 100 APS crews. Previously, APS managers used a pre-job brief form that each crew completed by hand. This process significantly limited the ability to scale job safety analyses and prevented site managers from collaborating with one another.

“Be safe, watch out” is not an adequate safety management plan, said Ky Bradley, Safety Department Supervisor of Transmission & Distribution Operations at APS. “We needed to build a job hazard library in order to apply our rules and standard controls for the dangers we face each day,” said Bradley. APS also wanted to empower each site manager to review site-specific job hazard analyses.


APS chose to roll-out JHA to all of their sites in 2014. Thus far, APS has created over 400 JHAs and developed a set of 25 to 30 core JHAs. “JHA has allowed us to create consistency across all of our sites, and the tool is so easy to use, that we simply use the tool as the training method for field crew members,” said Bradley. APS has greatly benefited from the web-based scalability and intuitive user experience of JHA.

Valued Features:

• Multi-User Collaboration • Nimble Startup • Software as a Service (SaaS) • Hazard-Control Matching • Intuitive and User-Friendly • Hazard-Control Matching

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